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Learn all about tft strategy with mobafires tools and community resources. The carousel is a unique feature of teamfight tactics every player jumps in a portal and they are thrown into a room together.

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Self allies 2 hexes lr gain 20 atk spd for round.

Teamfight tactics build items.
15 ad at start on killassist for rest of round.
While each item in teamfight tactics can situationally be useful there are certain items you should aim to create and some you should avoid.
Champions obtained from the carousel will start with an item and additional items can be obtained as drops from pve rounds.

Heal for 25 of damage dealt excluding items.
After your jhin is full build then you can make shenwukong tankier or add ability.
Ashe is a great item holder for jhin as she will be your 2nd sniper until you acquire him.

Wearer revives with 400 hp after 2 seconds.
Our item cheatsheet provides an easy in game reference or you can find some new team comps to try out.
Teamfight tactics is out now for windows macos ios and android which means anyone with a computer or smartphone can try out all of the new team combinations that were introduced in set 3.

Items are stored on the bench until equipped to a champion and selling a champion will move all items theyre holding to the bench.
Teamfight tactics strategy resources.
Among the most used items are the guardian angel made by combining the bf.

How to get items in teamfight tactics.
In this chrono build guide for teamfight tactics 107 on pc and mobile youll learn how to properly make a sniper tft chrono team comp for ranking up and normal games.
One of the main ways you can get items is during the carousel rounds.

The teamfight tactics item build list recipes details the required basic items you need to combine and create new and much stronger items for your champions in tft.
If you click the item image you can view what items you should use with each origin and class based on their bonus buff synergy.
Instantly see what you can craft out of your current inventory and get a complete description of how each item works.

Play smarter and climb the ranks in tft with constantly updated item guides team recommendations and deep champion stat analysis.
Gain 18 of max mana per attack after spellcast.
Create stronger teams by planning your composition or choosing a build.

Items drop randomly when you fight against other players teams and when you fight creeps.
How to get each item in teamfight tactics and information on what every tft item does.
Sword with a chain vest giving a unit the ability to revive with 500 health.

If you have your own tft team comp and strategy in mind share it with us using our team builder.

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